Measure Twice provides web-based solutions that help professional educators reach their full potential. Since 2003, Measure Twice has provided packaged solutions for universities, professional training providers, and continuing educators from around the world.

Our private label branded online learning systems allow educators to educate without worrying about technology. Our 100% online solutions allow our clients to reach students from around the world 24 hours a day. This now represents a market of nearly 3 billion users.

We are partners in success with our clients. Our technology is continually evolving based upon our client’s needs. Whether you're a university professor, a continuing educator, or a independent consultant, Measure Twice has a solution for you.

featured product PM Final™™

PM Final™ is the online testing solution designed for professional Project Management educators who prepare students for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. PM Final™ provides not only a 1,000+ question bank, but also Private Label Branding and Advanced Instructor Tools to assist the continuing educator in organizing and tracking students.

PM Final™ is used by professional training organizations and universities from around the world to gain a competitive advantage in a the very lucrative market of Project Management certification training.

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